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Fresh to Frightening

The Sharon Green Story

Inspired by her father a young Canadian woman navigates the male-dominated world of competitive yacht racing photography


The world of competitive yacht racing is fast, exciting, and glamorous.


From the America’s Cup to the Olympics to billionaires racing across exotic seas it is a world dominated by men.

Gracing covers of yachting magazines the world over images of these sailboats and their crews are captured by a small but elite group of yachting photographers – a profession also dominated by men.

But in the early ’80s, inspired by her father's Canada’s Cup yacht racing triumph a young girl from Burlington Bay Canada, Sharon Green, entered the fray.


Ever since Green has established herself as one of the finest yacht racing photographers of her generation, perfecting helicopter photography capturing incredible images of racing yachts in her favorite condition – Fresh to Frightening! 

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"My favorite condition is 
fresh to frightening"

"It's windy, it's sunny there's big seas, and that's when it all comes together. 

It's quite the adrenaline rush when there's days like that. 

Being in the right place at the right time.

I love it!"

Sharon Green - Ultimate Sailing.

Competitive yacht racing photography.

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I met Sharon a few years ago at our local yacht club. As a lifelong sailor myself, I realized I have been seeing her amazing images in magazines for years. 

After meeting and writing a short profile piece about her in the local paper I thought, "This woman is incredible!" 

Her ability to capture the power and beauty of sailboats while also fighting her way to the top of such a male-dominated industry is no doubt one of the reasons she's considered one of the greatest competitive yacht racing photographers in the world today.

I am beyond grateful Sharon has entrusted me to tell her story. 

Gareth Kelly - Director

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Ultimate Sailing

"The challenge is to capture on film electrifying moments that take your breath away. 

Those moments and opportunities are very few, but when they happen... it is ultimate sailing."

The pursuit of 'Ultimate Sailing' images never seems to grow old, and I still love the challenge of creating memorable images for my clients and the calendar."

Sharon Green 

Founder - Ultimate Sailing 

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